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These girls are indoor beauties who desperately need placement--they were abandoned while being cared for by a friend of their original guardian.  

If you would like more information please contact Jodie:  jodie.ciel@gmail.com
<![CDATA[Two Little Grey Girls]]>Sun, 07 Sep 2014 14:26:54 GMThttp://operationpaw.com/courtesy-post-kitties/two-little-grey-girlsEmail Alina at alina.plasencia@yahoo.com for details! 
These pretty little female kittens were found abandoned with their siblings and Mom--heartless tenants left them behind when they moved and they were fending for themselves until a kind lady found them and took them in.  They are now 6-8 weeks old and are looking for their forever homes!  They are social and affectionate and have impeccable litter box etiquette.  

If you are looking for a furry companion, look no further!  They can be spayed and vaccinated for a very small fee at Miami Dade Animal Services, and they will be happy and healthy little ladies.

For details contact Alina at alina.plasencia@yahoo.com
<![CDATA[Moose]]>Thu, 31 Jul 2014 15:06:05 GMThttp://operationpaw.com/courtesy-post-kitties/mooseEmail elinor@bellsouth.net or call 305-332-1634
My name is Moose. I’m a mature, dignified gentleman with lovely manners at home, in the car and on the leash, which I learned after being rescued from an urban parking lot several years ago. I love to play kissy-face but never demand attention, and would make the ideal companion for anyone who likes to take life at an easy pace.
I’m soft and fluffy and look like an economy-size Newfoundland. I’m comfortable staying home alone while you go to work or school, and get along well with female dogs who are more or less the same size. Cats, tiny dogs and small children not a good idea.  I’m also a terrific watchdog.
My current family will drive me anywhere in Florida or arrange transport out of state.  They’re very sad to have to do this, but it’s for my own safety. Another male dog in the family is mean to me, and even though my humans try to keep us separated, it doesn’t always work. They feel that because I’m a real sweetheart, the perfect new family will come along, but the other guy is not adoptable so they need to keep him. They don’t believe in dumping “problem’’ pets at a shelter. My humans and their other rescue dogs are moving from South Florida to Arizona in early September and want to make sure I’m settled before they go. 
Email elinor@bellsouth.net or call 305-332-1634
<![CDATA[Not exactly a kitty...  meet Daisy]]>Thu, 17 Jul 2014 18:03:53 GMThttp://operationpaw.com/courtesy-post-kitties/not-exactly-a-kitty-meet-daisy
According to the lady who found Daisy, she is a sweet and calm dog with beautiful hazel eyes and pristine white teeth.  She is at her ideal weight and is looking for a permanent home.  She will be spayed before going to her forever home--if you are interested in making Daisy a part of your family please contact Gladys:

<![CDATA[He ain't heavy...]]>Wed, 09 Jul 2014 18:50:00 GMThttp://operationpaw.com/courtesy-post-kitties/he-aint-heavy
These beautiful brothers were recently rescued by a kind family--they are cuddly and lovable and would love to find a good home together.  They are all dressed up in their little grey suits, and are ready to pack their bags and head home!

They are roughly 8 weeks old and have had their first vet visit and vaccination, and they will be neutered shortly.
Not only are these boys absolutely gorgeous, they are distinctive as well--one was born with a short tail!  Their rescuer declares them to be playful and sweet, and they always sleep all curled up together in fraternal cuteness!

If you are interested in making these boys your forever family, please contact Yurien at 305-613-7712 or by email at ysantos@phillipsrichard.com 
<![CDATA[Beautiful Mamma & Baby Boy]]>Wed, 09 Jul 2014 17:41:39 GMThttp://operationpaw.com/courtesy-post-kitties/a-beautiful-little-family
Hey there!

I'm a super cute little guy, huh?

You need this kind of cuteness in your life, don't you?

Just look at me!
I can protect your house--see at me guarding the perimeter?!
I have an adorable spotted belly that I'm always willing to share...
I'm an excellent cuddler--nap time cuddles are my specialty!

And perhaps my most impressive skill...
Jazz hands!

Just look at these adorable paws!
Oh... did I forget to mention that I am the destroyer of Fishy-on-a-string?  

I have some mad skills, and I'm only 6 weeks old.  Give me a few months and I'll conquer the world!
That's me and my sister with our Mamma--isn't she pretty? 

Mamma and I hope we can to to our forever family together--we're kinda close by now.  My sister is lucky--she already found a home!
My Mamma is little more than a kitten herself--she's only 9 months old.  She was a teenage mom, rescued from life outside by the nice lady who has been taking care of us.
When I'm old enough, Mamma and I will both have our surgeries so we won't add to the unwanted kitty population.  We'll have our vaccinations and will be all set for our forever home!

If you have room for us and would like all the love and affection you can handle, please contact the nice lady taking care of us.  

Lindsey:   llp2@williams.edu     tel (305) 742-3851
<![CDATA[Lovely Ladies Need a Home!]]>Wed, 09 Jul 2014 04:15:20 GMThttp://operationpaw.com/courtesy-post-kitties/lovely-ladies-need-a-home
These beautiful little ladies are looking for their forever home together--they are roughly 10-12 weeks old and would love nothing more than to be your very own kitties!

They were lucky enough to be rescued by a kind kitty-loving lady but unfortunately she is at maximum capacity with her own pack of felines and is unable to offer them a permanent home.  They will be spayed and will have age-appropriate vaccinations before going to their forever family.

If you have room for these pretty girls, please contact Maureen at (305) 546-9113.

Location:  Miami, FL
<![CDATA[Ruthie--a very special kitty]]>Mon, 07 Jul 2014 21:12:35 GMThttp://operationpaw.com/courtesy-post-kitties/ruthie-a-very-special-kitty
This beautiful little girl is looking for a very special home.  

She was rescued by a kind man when she was just a tiny little kitty and was given a chance at a good life.  Her future looked bright and she was  growing and getting cuter by the day... until a positive Feline Leukemia Virus test changed everything.

She is currently being cared for by the gentleman and his family, but their situation doesn't allow for them to offer her a permanent home, and they are looking for placement where she can perhaps live with another FeLV+ kitty as a companion.  Her FeLV+ status has been confirmed by IFA.  This family will cover her spay surgery and appropriate vaccinations and will make a donation toward her continuing care to those willing to make her a part of their family.  

Ruthie is a healthy, lively, loving kitten and they hope to find her a wonderful home.

If you can find room in your heart and home for Ruthie, please contact Christine by email at starbux@bellsouth.net.
<![CDATA[Meet Baltimore!]]>Mon, 07 Jul 2014 17:13:02 GMThttp://operationpaw.com/courtesy-post-kitties/meet-baltimore
A lovely couple who have previously adopted from our organization recently rescued this handsome little man and would like to find him a safe and loving home where he will be an indoor-only kitty.  He is roughly 10 weeks old and has an absolutely lovely personality!

His name is Baltimore, and he will be neutered and vaccinated before he goes to live in his forever home.  He is a playful little guy who enjoys sessions with the feather wand and snuggling with his humans, and he promises to be a great addition to any household!  
If you would like to make Baltimore a part of your family, please contact Mike by email at mike.toth@gmail.com.  His adoption fee is $40 to cover his neuter surgery and kitten vaccinations.
<![CDATA[Kitty family in need...]]>Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:45:04 GMThttp://operationpaw.com/courtesy-post-kitties/kitty-family-in-need
This little family has found themselves in residence outside the condo of a lovely lady who has helped countless abandoned creatures, and unfortunately she just doesn't have room in her home for any more.  She is caring for the trio outside, but she wants a better life for them.

The family consists of a beautiful Mamma Cat who is a dilute calico beauty and her two kittens--one beautiful orange and another tiny tiger.

When the babies are old enough the family will be spayed/neutered and given age-appropriate vaccinations.
If anyone in Miami has room in their home and heart for this little vagabond family, please contact Belkis by email at rvbm.bv@gmail.com.